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Ah, those famous opening words… And now we welcome our protagonist, Rand al’Thor. Presently a blissfully unaware sheepherder whose biggest problem is being uncomfortable around Egwene. Oh, poor boy, you’re in for a hell of a ride from here on out.

Landscape study for the Quarry Road that Tam and Rand are travelling along to get to Emond’s Field. Not based on a particular photo but I just took inspiration from a bunch of references.

Some studies of our main man while I’m at it. I don’t know if he would wear a bracer as a common thing, but the are fun to draw. Longbows are damn tall.

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    Ah, those famous opening words… And now we welcome our protagonist, Rand al’Thor. Presently a blissfully unaware...
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    Weh, thankyou! I don’t draw landscapes/backgrounds enough so this was fun to do. I’ve been reading this series for so...
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    This is beautiful Nadia! So well done! Gosh, I love that landscape… Is this the Wheel of Time Series? I’ve never read...
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Hello and welcome to my Tumblr. I'm a 20-something graphic designer living in Sydney who enjoys One Piece and iced-coffee. In my free time I like to expunge characters and ideas from my brain on to Photoshop.